Specifications MyTraQ

MyTraQ - Your mobile safety software anywhere

System requirements for MyTraQ software

Suitable for Symbian series 60 devices (such as Nokia N96, 6210 navigator, E71 and E90)

Suitable for Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher devices (preferred min 400mhz processor and 32M bit of free FLASH memory)

Suitable for Blackberry devices (such as Blackberry Curve & Storm)

MyTraQ can also work on non-converged GPS/GSM devices, in this case MyTraQ can use a device with a suitable operating system, using a external (Bluetooth) GPS antenna

The MyTraQ Mobile Safety Software is developed to easily connect third party mobile phones with integrated GPS to the SafeLinQ platform. MyTraQ can be easily (pre-) installed on any suitable device. Using MyTraQ allows you to obtain mileage information, set up safety zone’s and track and trace the device.