Your mobile safety software anywhere

The MyTraQ Mobile Safety Software is developed to easily connect third party mobile phones with integrated GPS to the SafeLinQ platform. MyTraQ can be easily (pre-) installed on any suitable device. Using MyTraQ allows you to obtain mileage information, set up safety zones and track andtrace the device.

mileage information

As a manager you can view and download detailed mileage reports from the secure MyTraQ website. Providing you with information such as distance travelled, speed, start and ending point of each trip.

track and trace via GPS

Using the GPS functionality you can receive the location of your device with an accuracy of up to 5 metres. For sales force management purposes you can also view the current location of multiple users in one view.

emergency button

Pressing the two defined (emergency) buttons simultaneously the device will contact a pre-defined number, as well as sending a message to the emergency centre.

adjustable safety zones

You can set up to four safety zones that can provide either in or out zone alerts.

suitable for a suite of GPS phones

MyTraQ is developed to work on the majority of existing and future GPS phones.

mobile route

You can select a mobile route which logs the position of the device per day for a specific timeframe for the past month, and then display it using our street-level-accurate mapping functions.