An eye on your mobile property

BloQ is an easy to install mobile property protector. Due to its size, weight and flexible power input BloQ can be used for any mobile asset that needs protection.

Park and BloQ

Your BloQ is activated as soon as you park and remove your keys from the ignition. When the vehicle is moved, you will receive an alert via sms or through the emergency centre.

Track and trace

BloQ uses GPS technology, which enables you to locate your vehicle 24/7. The secure BloQ website allows you to manage multiple vehicles in one view.

Emergency tracking

When your vehicle has been stolen BloQ enables you to track and locate your vehicle in real-time.

Mileage information

As a (fleet-)owner you can view and download detailed mileage reports from the secure website with information such as distance travelled, speed, start and ending point of each trip.